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SHORT courses in
Mindful Self Compassion 

starting Saturday, 1 August 2020 and Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Would you like to learn to treat yourself with the same kindness that you treat your best friend who is encountering hardship?
Life is not easy and meeting challenges is an essential part of it yet we often are hard on ourselves when we experience hardship, much harder than we need to be, much harder than we are on others. The good news is that we are made to rise to these challenges and grow from them as long as we have the resources to do so. Mindful Self Compassion is designed to give you a toolbox of practices and exercises to meet life from a place of resourcefulness and strength so you can grow from the challenges that you encounter, and most importantly thrive!
This might all sound wonderful yet it also sounds like a commitment, right? Here is the exciting news:
You can learn to be more compassionate with yourself by joining a six week short course! 
The short courses are offered in two formats:
PRACTICAL short course which presents key elements of the Mindful Self Compassion curriculum focusing on informal practices and reflections. If you want to be more compassionate and meditation is not your thing - this course might be just what you have been looking for! The course will focus on exploring active ways in which you can bring self-compassion into your daily life.
In addition to the live sessions partcipants will receive an electronic booklet. 
MEDITATION short course which introduces you to meditation practices of the Mindful Self Compassion curriculum. Maybe you want to bring the quality of compassion and kindness into your meditation practice. This course will be an opportunity to explore formal meditation practices to grow your self-compassion capacity.    
In addition to the live sessions, participants will receive guided audio recordings of the practices. 
So why not try something different this summer?
The short courses are offered: 
Saturday evenings from 1 August 2020 to 5 September 2020.
MEDITATION short course at 7pm Irish time (BST) 
PRACTICAL short course at 8.30pm Irish time (BST) 
Wednesday evenings from 5 August 2020 to 9 September 2020.
PRACTICAL short course at 7pm Irish time (BST) 
MEDITATION short course at 8.30pm Irish time (BST) 
To check you local time, have a look at
Spaces are limited.
Introductory rates:
PRACTICAL short course €97
MEDITATION short course €97
Save 20% when you book the PRACTICAL and MEDITATION short courses together €155
The above are introductory rates to make the courses as accessible as possible. 
Everyone welcome!
I would also like to make this course available to those in need who have limited funds. One full scholarship is offered for every ten participants. You will need to apply for this by sending an email and discussing your situation.
For those who can afford to, please consider contributing to a fund for additional scholarships for those in need.

Mindful Self Compassion

Do you want to learn to be kinder to yourself?

Joins us to learn Mindful Self Compassion - in an eight week format, blended format which combines offline and online meetings, or an intensive week long format.


Positive Neuroplasticity Training

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In case you want to connect however, I am always available for a one-on-one coaching session via Zoom - just send me a message or give me a call on my mobile to arrange a time and date!


Different locations should not keep you from looking at your life from a different perspective - and using this new insight to firmly move forward and do what you wish to do with your life!


What do you have to lose?