Ritual Trance Dance

What I love about Ritual Trance Dance is how intention, blind-‘sight’ and movement give access to inner wisdom in a rather natural, effortless way. I am putting it that way as my natural tendency is to apply effort: to overthink, strive and resist - and I do not think  that I am alone in this approach. Ritual Trance Dance offers a way to connect with my innate wisdom, heart and soul directly by just being, trusting and allowing to arise what wants to surface in a safe environment.


What it involves is quite simple: breathing, moving and resting – all with the eyes covered so the gaze can focus inward.


A session lasts 4 hours. It starts with time to physically and mentally arrive,  to connect with others, to hydrate, to be. The ritual is introduced to those who are new and then the inward journey begins before returning, resting, and capturing your experience in whatever way you wish. 


Contact me if you have any questions - I am happy to answer them!.

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“Like all vibrant elements of nature, human beings grow into the light, but transform in the dark.”
~ Wilbert Alix

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