Positive                        Neuroplasticity Training

Rick Hanson's Positive Neuroplasticity Training (PNT) teaches you how to take charge of the structure-building processes of your brain – actively inclining it towards happiness through the Taking in the Good process. By taking positive experiences, absorbing them fully, enriching them, and linking them with negative material, you can heighten their absorption and actually direct the growth of your own brain – so you can better manage stress, deal with life’s challenges, and have more to offer others!


This training explains powerful methods for turning passing experiences into lasting inner resources like self-compassion, mindfulness, grit, gratitude, and self-worth. It focuses on learning a fundamental psychological skill: the conversion of beneficial experiences and beneficial mental states into underlying neural traits.


This course is eminently practical: it is focused on building skills that can be experienced in a very pragmatic way in our lives and relationships.


Who is it for? This program is open to anyone, regardless of experience. It is suitable for parents, retirees, students, executives, educators and people in helping professions. Whether you are currently a glass half-full person or a glass half-empty person, you can benefit from working with your mind in this way.


What to expect? The course consists of six sessions offered over three intensive days. The material will be explored through experiential exercises, presentations, and discussion.


You will learn how to activate positive experiences, prolong and enrich them, and then heighten their absorption into emotional memory. The active internalization of positive experiences helps us grow inner strengths, leading to psychological resources that can help with anxiety, depression, anger, addiction, disappointment, loss, loneliness, and shame – while supporting well-being, effectiveness, satisfying relationships, emotional healing, and spiritual practice.


A study on people who had participated in the PNT showed a statistically significant increase in positive emotions, self-compassion, mindfulness, emotional balance, self-esteem, gratitude, contentment, and love, as well as decreased levels of depression and anxiety.

Upcoming events

Positive Neuroplasticity Training:  Six weeks, live online 


Time:    Saturday 9.30am-12pm GMT (2 1/2 hours)

Dates:  6 February 2021 to 13 March 2021 


Cost:     €227