Life and Workplace Coaching


What life do you want to lead?


It sounds like a straightforward question yet I have found that once this question is looked at in more detail a few surprises are likely to pop up and exploring them, using them to stir actions is a most valuable, enriching and life changing experience. And such a privilege to witness as a coach!


Coaching brings together for me all the different strands of training as well as my personal journal and it is something that I enjoy tremendously: Empowering others to live their life to their full potential, be it personal or professional - or let's be honest, it will always be both as the same person inhabits those often two separate spheres!



 Do you have a question that you would like to get the answer to?


If there is something that you would like to change - maybe something you wish to accomplish, something that is occupying your mind, something you dream about or maybe it is just a gut feeling that has brought you here - then just get in contact and we can have a first conversation about what to expect in coaching sessions to see if this is what is right for you.


And just to share, that first step is the hardest!


Face to Face

Do you want to meet face to face to work together?

No problem at all! 

Well, at least as long as you are living in this very moment in Nuremberg and surroundings.

I will be back in Dublin for a short period over the October Bank Holiday and then again from January 2019.


We all have busy lives and have gotten quite comfortable using technology to connect.

It is one of the great benefits of our communication technology that we can connect with such quality across the globe.


Zoom is a great software that allows to video call with great quality and reliability on the computer, smartphone or tablet.


Let's connect! 


While travelling this is unfortunately the only way to have a session with me. I have worked remotely in the past and have found that video calls allow a real connection despite the physical distance.

If you are unsure, we can simply try and you can see for yourself!


Rates are €50-80 for a one hour session. 

And here is also a gift from me to you - a little eBook to get you started if you want, something I created with a friend so you can coach yourself. 


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