My name is Carolin Grampp and my background is in business/education. I have been facilitating undergraduate and postgraduate management modules at University College Dublin since 2001. My primary degree is in psychology and I also hold a Masters in Business Studies, and Diplomas in Research, Teaching at University and Entrepreneurial Educators.


Mindfulness has been a recurring theme throughout my life and I began to explore the topic in greater depth after my father passed away quite suddenly and I was overwhelmed by grief which manifested in heightened awareness of my senses resulting in anxiety. I first attended an MBSR (Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction) course yet the skill of being in the moment and holding in awareness that I learned through it also connected me to the pain in my life without offering me means to tend to my suffering. I learned to cultivate a kinder attitude to myself in a seven day 'Lovingkindness' retreat taught by Sharon Salzberg (www.sharonsalzberg.com) and this sparked an interest in exploring this attitude of kindness in our daily life - something that had been lacking in my life. A natural development was to explore Compassion, remaining kind to oneself and others when in pain and suffering and I learned this through Mindful Self-Compassion (www.centreformsc.org) and other courses like Mindfulness-based Compassionate Living with Frits Koster (www.compassionateliving.info) and Erik van den Brink (www.mbcl.org). Leading on from this on my journey I learned about Rick Hanson's Positive Neuroplasticity (www.rickhanson.net) which focuses on installing the good in our life to provide us with the resources we need to meet our challenges. And most recently through coaching in particular yet also Trance Dance, I added an understanding of the importance of looking ahead, setting intentions and goals which enable to live the life we want to lead, no matter what might have been in the past. 


I trained with Kristin Neff (www.self-compassion.org) and Christopher Germer (www.chrisgermer.com) in the first European Teacher training for Mindful Self Compassion (MSC) in 2014 and obtained my Certification as a MSC teacher with University of California, San Diego in January 2017. I have been co-facilitating a weekly global online practice Circle for course graduates for the Center for Mindful Self Compassion and I am a mentor on Soundstrue's Power of Self-Compassion (www.soundstrue.com).


I am also part of a selected global group who have been authorised by Rick Hanson to teach his Positive Neuroplasticity Training (www.rickhanson.net/positive-neuroplasticity-training). In 2017 I co-organised his visit to Ireland where he offered the training along with the additional days for the Professional Course


Most recently I trained with Wilbert Alix in Ritual Trance Dance (www.trancedance.com) in Portugal in 2017 where I learned about the power of intention and movement to transform.


And recently I graduated in Life and Workplace Coaching and will soon become a member of the International Coach Federation (www.coachfederation.org). 


So far my journey has been one of growth and discovery, a never ending learning which has enriched my life tremendously.